Company Policies - LaunchVic

Company Policies

LaunchVic is an independent agency of the Victorian Government responsible for developing the state’s startup ecosystem. Read more about the policies underpinning this work.

Code of Conduct

Our goal is to create a productive, welcoming and inclusive environment for all stakeholders of the Victorian startup ecosystem. To that end, we have adopted this Code of Conduct in order to support and welcome everyone to our community and to support our work on behalf of the Victorian startup ecosystem.

Fraud And Corruption Policy

LaunchVic promotes, values, recognises, demonstrates and expects ethical and lawful behaviour in all business practices. Individuals must conduct themselves in a manner consistent with community and corporate standards, and in compliance with all relevant legislation.

Gifts Benefits Hospitality Policy

This policy sets out LaunchVic’s position on responding to offers of gifts, benefits and hospitality and providing gifts, benefits and hospitality. Importantly, this Policy recognises that it is essential for LaunchVic’s role in facilitating and promoting the start-up ecosystem that people and Directors working with LaunchVic actively engage with the start-up ecosystem in Victoria.

Harassment, Discrimination & Bullying Policy

At LaunchVic we believe everyone should be able to come to work each day
without fear of being harassed, discriminated against, or bullied – or victimised for identifying this type of behaviour, or being involved in a complaint about harassment, discrimination or bullying.

Political Donations Policy

The purpose of this Policy is to set out LaunchVic’s obligations regarding political donations made as a company owned by the State Government of Victoria, as well as donations made by individuals within LaunchVic in a personal capacity.

Travel Policy

This Policy sets out the circumstances under which LaunchVic will approve and compensate travel for business purposes.

Whistleblower Policy

LaunchVic is committed to creating and maintaining a working environment in which persons are able to raise concerns regarding Improper Conduct, without fear of reprisal and with the support of LaunchVic.