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Rocket Seeder


Create sustainable solutions to global food challenges

Rocket Seeder helps innovators and founders take their business to the next level by providing them with the tools and guidance they need to scale.

 Rocket Seeder’s AgTech Seeds Pre-accelerator Program supports the creation of early-stage AgTech startups in Victoria by bringing together “hybrid” teams of aspiring AgTech entrepreneurs and researchers creating AgTech-applicable IP/know-how at Victorian universities/PFROs.

 It facilitates entrepreneur-researcher matches to increase startup investability and value, helps teams validate the market for their idea and technology and engages with potential Victorian early-adopter customers (growers/producers).

Rocket Seeder will accept at least 160 AgTech Entrepreneurs (cumulative) across the four cohorts of the Introductory Program and graduate at least 32 startups (cumulative) across the four cohorts the AgTech Seeds Pre-Accelerator Program”
Find out more about the program and how to apply on the Rocket Seeder website.

Rocket Seeder received funding via LaunchVic’s Grants for AgTech Pre Accelerator Programs.